It’s an odd way to feel. You turn your head to the right and see nothing there, but you sensed something.

You grab the old crank toy, the one that starts to walk once you wind it up. Place your fingers on the key, turn it right round 3 times or more.

Peculiar. Just like your health.

The toy is now on the ground, but when it walks it wobbles, it stops, then tilts from one side to the other – just like your heart right now.

Just like your heart right now.

Peculiar. Children sing about death as if it’s fun, as if it’s something to laugh about.

Your muscles tense, the key has wound till the end, stops walking, falling over.

That’s when you hear another song being sung, children and parents laughing and singing… “London Bridges falling down, falling down…” It echoes throughout your mind, but is it in your mind or is it really happening?

Your feet weaken, your legs crumble, the road caves way.

“London Bridges falling down, falling down…”

You reach high, trying to grab onto something, anything, but you cannot, you can’t because above you is darkness, the night sky with no stars or moon.

Peculiar how a human’s mind can change scenarios and feelings so fast. Isn’t it peculiar that a human’s heart can learn to love – or learn to break other’s hearts?

Smash. The mirror drops, your heart feels crushed. Someone has died. Not today, not yesterday, but long ago someone died and you became a new person.

Change is essential they say, but what if we fear change? Is it peculiar to fear change when everyone is constantly changing, even us?

The music fades and all that’s left is the darkness. What if we could prevent change? Humans would no longer fear living, if we could control what’s around us. Many kings and Queens have tried to rule, and tried to stop things from happening, but change is bound to happen no matter what. It is part of this world that can’t be messed with, it can’t be removed, it is essential to life. If a baby stayed a baby forever then where would we get the adults? The children? The teenagers?

Empty space. The sound of a buzzer going off, a heart monitor beeping, an alarm clock pounding, a child screaming.

Life is peculiar and there’s nothing you or I can do about it.

We all must change whether we want to or not.

My mind is peculiar, somewhat more than others, yet others more peculiar than mine.

Life is peculiar.


Daily Prompt: Peculiar


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