Don’t Drink Coffee – Don’t Mind Me

Well, odd title don’t you think? I on one hand don’t enjoy the taste of coffee, especially when my dad makes it, it’s just really bitter and disgusting. What’s worse, is adding sugar or milk. Yuck! It’s nasty man, nasty.

I prefer my daily dosage of tea, English Breakfast Tea in the morning, Mango Passion Fruit Green Tea at night, and Blueberry Pomegranate White Tea when I have menstrual pains or any stomach pains for that matter, or just because. However whenever my grandma is over, or I’m at her house, we drink Orange Pekoe tea, it used to be my favourite when I was growing up as a kid, but later on in life I started to realize that there’s plenty other teas that taste even better. Especially now since I can’t have dairy in my tea (Lactose and tolerant), and I was told that 3 and a half teaspoons of sugar is nowhere near healthy for me.

P.S, it isn’t.

Either way, what if I told you that I tried out Starbucks Pineapple Black Tea? Well if you want my rating on it, it’s a 0/5. I wanted to vomit after trying it, just gross man, it was grosser than coffee and that’s saying something.

Oh shoot, look at the time, almost half past 8.

I suppose before I leave I shall leave you with a beautiful picture I took last winter, it’s quite comforting if you ask me, it’s like one of those Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, those of which I’ve never tried and unfortunately never will be able to. (P.S don’t ever give me anything with pumpkin in it, I get sick.)

P.S the photo is the featured image.



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