Decrease Anxiety

Hi guys! This post, and for the rest of the week, every day I will post one blog about helping to decrease anxiety.

I want to not only write about my anxiety and problems but help you in the process.

But first, let me explain what anxiety really is.

What is anxiety?

First off, anxiety doesn’t mean that something’s wrong with you, lot’s of people have anxiety, and that’s okay. It’s a natural response that everyone experiences, except some people have it worse than others. This response is called the “Fight or Flight” function, it kicks in when our bodies think we are facing a dangerous situation, which is good in some cases, if you were to be attacked by a bear, you may or may not want to freeze, but in other cases you would want to run away which is also known as the flight response.

Having panic attacks is not life threatening or an indication of a mental breakdown.

These panic attacks are our adrenaline acting up and bubbling up because of the fight or flight response, because if we needed to run away we would need to have enough adrenaline to help us make it when we were running low on fuel.

When we get anxious, what’s really happening is that first off our brain receives information that there’s a threat or problem, whether it’s real or not.

Second of all certain parts of our brain are activated in order to release chemicals and hormones that sadly are needed to send messages throughout your body.

Thirdly these chemicals cause your adrenaline to act up.

Next your adrenaline increases your breathing rate so that you take in more oxygen when running away or fighting.

Your heartbeat starts racing and your blood pressure increases.

Then your liver releases sugar and other non nameable substances into the blood to provide quick energy.

Sweating then increases to help cool the body off.

Blood is then deverted to the muscles.


Anxiety becomes a problem when it’s not appropriate, useful, or impossible to run and fight some of the real and imagined threats.

When this happens your body can’t release all the energy it has generated, which creates some of the short term side effects such as dizziness, nauseous, shaking, scary or negative thoughts, and other symptoms. Everyone can have different symptoms.

How can you decrease your anxiety?

Some ways of decreasing your anxiety are actually quite simple.

Certain people may use aromatherapy, certain foods, massages, going for a walk, exercising, talking with someone, keeping your mind off of the issue at hand, drinking more water, laughing, reading, and much more that we will get in to deeper tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will discuss certain foods to avoid if you have anxiety or think that you have anxiety.



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