Oh the joys of having anxiety, depression, and ADHD. No, it’s not really a joy, it’s quite frustrating to say the least.

This morning I feel quite anxious to be truthful, it’s hard having anxiety, it makes everything seem scary or hard. Like this morning, I have no idea as to why I’m feeling anxious.

I have learned a few tricks to help calm my anxiety but they don’t always work, but for your benefit I shall list them.

There’s an app called Mindshift, you can use Daylio to help track your mood, essential oils such as orange, lemon, lavender and more, also, eating oranges or sea food such as salmon, or lobster. I also find that sometimes listening to calming music can help, going for a walk if there’s no bugs out (At least for me, because bees and wasps trigger my anxiety, as well as spiders.) Reading a book or watching some TV to keep your mind off the anxiety, writing down how you feel as a poem or in a journal. Talking to a friend or family member, doing some art, drinking some tea, and there’s many more techniques that can help calm your anxiety down.

I find that my anxiety tends to act up a lot, even though I use medications for it. My favourite tea to help calm my anxiety down is a tie between mango passion fruit green tea and blueberry pomegranate white tea.

For me, even just writing how I feel down on a blog such as this can really help my anxiety, maybe it doesn’t make it go away fully but it certainly does help a bit.


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