And Then It Strikes

You’re sitting at your computer, relaxed, enjoying your time and just not doing much. Your cat is sitting on your bed, your hair touches your cheek, you blink.

Eyes close, eyes open.

And then it strikes, it strikes like a cannon, or maybe a bomb even. You didn’t even know it was coming, it had the advantage of surprise, the one thing that always guarantees victory. Maybe if you just blink again it will go away.

Eyes close, eyes open.

Nothing happened. It’s still there, maybe even worse, it makes your fingers type faster, your heart rate increase, your blood boil, you become itchy, paranoid, you start sweating.

Eyes close, eyes open.

No, go away, please, stop. Your whole body begins to shake, you tremble, you can’t slow your heart down, it’s as if it will jump out of your throat any moment now.


Nothing, nothing. Cross your legs, uncross them, sit straight, slouch, neck sweats, ears itchy, hair’s itchy, eye’s itchy. Something’s crawling, something’s there. You look around, you lift your shirt, you pinch yourself and there’s nothing there yet something’s crawling. Crawling, crawling.

I’m not crazy, it’s okay, calm down. Breathe, don’t hyperventilate. Shaky fingers, raspy breath, as if I just ran a marathon. Still sitting, didn’t get up.

Eyes close, eyes open.

Breathe, breathe, breathe, socks off, glasses off, light off, light on, eyes hurt, pet the cat. What’s next? Back’s itchy, itchy arm, here we go, through the body, just like a roller coaster, except much slower, but much faster as it spreads throughout the body, but it’s as if the roller coaster is on repeat, no time to get off, just repeat, repeat, repeat, dig your nails in your skin, itch.

Eyes close, eyes open.

Take a deep breath, it’s almost over, hang on just a bit more.

Something’s crawling once again, tiny bugs, something’s there, trust me, I’m not crazy.




No. No. Go away.



Stop itching, breathe slowly now, calm down. Try and relax, but when will it end? Stop…

Eyes close.

Count to ten.

Eyes open.

Restarting system.

Virus has temporarily been removed. Most likely 1 – 2 hours before it invades your system again. Take precautions as to how to avoid it.



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